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Air Canada is the major carrier and the leading airline of Canada. The airlines present listed air transport for passengers and cargo to 207 global destinations. It is a founding member of the Star Alliance. Air Canada is to be found the best carrier in North America; it is a global air transport rating association. Air Canada appreciates many years of involvement in a perfect quality service record in the airline industry.

How to apply for Air Canada vacancy?

  • Choose the available job of interest then click and apply.
  • Provide your profile detailing as much information as possible to support your application.
  • Attach up to date CV with cover letter for the preferred vacancy.

How many vacancies a person can apply for?

It is up to individuals to analysis the responsibilities, competencies and qualifications required for a particular vacancy, before making a decision to apply for an advertised position.

What should be in the CV?

  • Your personal, educational and professional conditions should be included in the CV.
  • Provide General Information such as Contact Details, Address, Education, Languages etc.
  • Your CV is used to assess your aptness for a vacancy.

What are the steps in the recruitment process? How will candidates know their application status?

  • Candidates may check the status of the vacancies they have applied for by visiting the official website of the company from time to time.
  • Candidates who are being considered for a post and considered suitable for further review will be contacted for an interview.

Excellent quality assurance and security records up to the universal standards for evaluating comfort and execution are accomplished by taking forward the quality confirmation models and actualizing them on every single specialized assistance, support and investigation employments.

Air Canada is dedicated to providing you with high-quality work culture while keeping everyone safe and successful. As one of the leading Airlines group in Canada, Air Canada offers exceptional employment opportunities, along with a culture as dedicated to your professional development as to the services you provide. Air Canada look forward to welcoming you and cooperative for you. Learn more about the procedures they are taking to make you experience comfortable in work environment.

Air Canada Jobs

Air Canada an exciting company to work for, where workers are engaged to exceed expectations. They do this by guaranteeing sets of expectations are characterized, profession ways illustrated and open doors for preparing and self-improvement gave. Ability, where distinguished, is created, and singular accomplishment is constantly perceived and remunerated. An earnestness to succeed resounds at all degrees of their association.

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We’re not a recruitment agency, we just provide information about latest job vacancies using our own site everyday to list jobs. Candidates please do not contact us to discuss the condition of your request. It is the employers who process your job application. If you wish to enquire about your application you should contact the employer directly.

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