Highest paying jobs in usa | USA jobs and salary

Are you an employee and think about a career change or a graduate student? Here we listed the top demanding USA jobs and details.

1.Accounting /Finance Job 

Accounting / Finance job is one of the top demanding careers in the job market. Accounts mainly solve problems in expense accruals, revenue recognition, and compliance with accounting rules. According to statistics, an accountant gets a median salary of $71000 per year, and the finance field gets $ 86000 per year.

Accounts / Finance Job Opportunities in USA

1.Registered Nurse | nursing jobs in USA

Nursing is one of the fastest-growing USA jobs due to the increase in population and the current pandemic scenario. There are not enough employees in this field and the scope of this job will continue to increase in terms of Job Demand. Based on the US Bureau of labor statistics average salary of a registered nurse starting from $68450.There are a various international nursing recruitment agency for hiring the highest paid nurses in USA

2.Project Manager

The Project Manager’s job will be planning, organizing, and managing a specific project for an organization within the scope and budget. This Job includes dealing with team members and clients. For this Job Degree or any professional certification is needed. A Project Manager gets an initial salary of $76971 and up to get 6 figured salary if you are willing to upskill your talents. There are various levels of project managers like IT project managers, Construction management, and more.


Online marketing is the top job all around the world. Everything is turning digital and the scope of the job is increasing day by day. There are various levels of marketing include digital, social media, and Email. Marketing has significant variations so the marketers are both analytic and creative. According to US labor statistics, the basic salary of a marketing manager starting from $ 81078.

Marketing Job openings in USA


Engineering jobs are the most trending jobs nowadays. We need various types of engineering to satisfy our basic needs. Technologies are grown dramatically , therefore we need various types of engineers to perform at advanced levels like robotics, green energy, AI, and more. The average salary of an engineer in USA starts $86153.

Engineering Job Openings 


we all know that Data are one of the new factor growing tremendously. data from social media, Data from an organization, Personal data, and media all upload into some clouds or software. managing this is not an easy task. So for analyzing and managing different types of data are the main duties of the data scientist. They also need to study the previous data and analyze them for future reference. There are many data science companies in USA.

All nationalities can Apply for Usa jobs with the proper qualifications and experience mentioned by the employer.

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